Teaching Philosophy

Learning happens when students are engaged, active and curious participants. Only when students think, wonder and do can they actually begin to appreciate what they are learning and why. I believe this is particularly true for skills based courses in which students are expected to take away more than just knowledge but also abilities. When a student puts into practice a skill such as building a database or implementing an algorithm, he or she can begin to examine, see, appreciate and understand the skill. It becomes possible to identify difficulties, consider alternative solutions or uses of the skills or ideas which have been presented. It is important that the student routinely asks and thinks not only about the "how" but also the "why". Considering why something is learned or practiced allows the student to make connections with other concepts, value what is being taught and hopefully further simulates the student's intellectual curiosity.

The primary goals I have for my students are that they become general problem solvers and evaluators of information. In this fast pace world, we are constantly exposed with an ever increasing amount of ideas, information and problems. A student needs critical thinking and general problem solving skills to be able to evaluate this information, analyze arguments and find solutions. In my opinion, these are skills that will always be in demand and make a student relevant in any marketplace. Critical thinking and problem solving skills also allow the student to better communicate and articulate his or her ideas and to be a good, responsible citizen. Furthermore, I want my students to gain the skills and confidence needed to become life-long learners. They should know that with practice, curiosity, confidence and perseverance, they can continue to acquire new skills and find new solutions.

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